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How To Make Passive Income As A Designer

We are aware you spend hours and hours doodling on your little canvases, sewing those cute DIY outfits, decorating and painting your arts and adorning them in the prettiest way possible but are you ready to tap that inner hidden talent and showcase it to us to earn bucks and make it official? We, at Qaleshi have been expecting you as a Product Designer and have one question to ask you “Are you ready to take a leap?” If you said yes, you and I are a match made in heaven. If you are already a designer, Qaleshi will definitely help you grow along with us.

Qaleshi knows that there is a gigantic fan following of their customized hoodies and t-shirts and to keep that brand prolific, we provide dexterous designers like you an opportunity to build and create products for our brand. Qaleshi is a Canadian brand whose theme is fundamentally based on Indian culture and specifically Punjab due to the Punjabi immigrants settled over there. We as a brand are open and excited to experience creativity and uniqueness of every individual designer but are currently looking for quirky designs based on Punjabi culture and Bollywood. If you are one of those Big Bollywood Buffs that romanticize everything that comes their way or one of those who can’t stop cracking sarcastic jokes and making doodles out of it, we are indubitably the platform you are searching for.

From those cheesy Bollywood dialogues to the wittiest of slangs, you can make use of the wackiest vocabulary which would catch our customer’s eye that very moment and ensure that they click on the “Shop Now” button immediately. Put on your creative thinking caps and begin designing and sharing your previous content samples with us so that we can have a look at how excellent you are.

From the beginning, we are looking for someone who to elevate our design structure, adding newness and fresh designs to our online brand and creating a name for themselves in the design industry. We believe that great attractive designs not only help us uplifting our brand but also shaping what we create and supplying our customers an enormous variety to choose from.

Our designers are responsible give our fashion a new modish direction and are free to spread their wings as far as possible. We look forward for you to create your own designs, shuffle around with styles and experiment with myriad options which would leave the customers smiling at the end. For us, keeping our customers happy and fulfilled is our aim and that is something that you aim too while working with us, we belong to the same community.

How do you earn:

With each and every product of your design that is sold, you receive royalty. You design a particular product and after approval, it goes up on the website for purchase. After a customer makes a purchase including your designed product, you receive commission from our end while we earn a customer, provide education to underprivileged kids in Punjab, fulfill basic needs of the poor and needy and supply them with facilities

 Punjab is one of the highly populated states on India and due to dearth of awareness, financial issues which enervate the state, we highly encourage providing fundamental facilities to the poor and needy.

How to register:

If you have reached till here and think yourself appropriate for this position, we welcome you to fill out our form and we will get back to you on approval. Fill out your details and we shall guide you further.

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