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Make Money Working For A Cause

Make Money Working For Qaleshi

Qaleshicare is a social enterprise associated with Qaleshi that is a cause driven business to serve the societal objectives and serving the needs and wants of the citizens. From supplying safe secure and well-paying desk and field job opportunities to making clean drinking water more accessible and available to all, we take the responsibility for every single thing. Qaleshi is a brand who is themed on the culture of Punjab, India which is why Punjab was the area of focus for them. Punjab, being one of the backward states of India has seen a lot of discrimination, inequalities, deaths, poverty, homelessness and hunger and we strongly wish to empower in diverse ways.

Fundamentally based on building blocks to provide shelter and roofs over homeless souls, they believe that a home completes a person. They have already taken up enormous amounts of construction projects in Punjab where they lift people from the street and place them into safe secure homes with basic facilities that help them lead a content life.

We started extending help to needy children and youth who’re eager to study for a better life. This moment intensified when we found that there were many underprivileged children who never got education on equal grounds. Our team of volunteers expanded and spread out in different regions of Punjab, India. Making certain that we help out every child gets an opportunity to learn.

We now assist and help educate every child in orphanages, NGO’s, under equipped schools, and every child living in communities living away from any schools and educational institutes. We also have our chain of volunteers who’re college students and teachers who take out time from their schedules and help educating children’s in their vicinity.

Not only focusing on children, we also supply the underprivileged, poor and needy citizens with our donations to learn a livelihood and become self-dependant. Uplifting women to give them a superior platform, providing them an earning means for themselves, encouraging gender equality in terms of wage distribution, job employment, human rights and education facilities is also a part of our programme.

We aim to eradicate homelessness, poverty and hunger from diverse parts of Punjab as tons of people fall victims to such issues every year. Witnessing farmer’s suicide on a large scale, we also help farmer from drowning in loan repayment and monetary problems, crop spoilage and harsh weather conditions by making them aware of various forms of investments and governments scheme to create savings and backup.

Senior citizens face abandonment during the most crucial stages of their lives and to support them , we build old age homes equipped with high quality facilities and care and host mental health sessions to bring them out of loneliness and depression. Fallen to the crutches of old age, we believe helping them equalizes to receiving values and blessings.

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