Buy from our store, to support Punjab. We help the people in need.

Our Mission

We help in providing quality educational facilities by donating a major part of our profits to the underprivileged children situated in Punjab, India. Our donations reach out to millions of children who deserve a helping hand to be pulled out of the vicious cycle of lack of education, employment and livelihood opportunities. Together, we aim to support their right to education and study in functional schools where they can pave a way into their bright future. By providing holistic education, we help the children have a secure future. Education not only includes theory and books but also teaches children discipline, time management, adjustment, patience and ethics.

We don’t educate the children for the society but for the child itself so that they grow up to be a responsible citizen and dweller of the society. It makes them change the society for good, speak up for the right causes and have a voice of their own.

Facilitating holistic education, providing monetary support to workers and laborers, employing and empowering women, supporting the old people and uplifting Punjab because that is our second home and if we don’t take care of it, who else will!

We, aim to provide the citizens relief and support in physical, mental as well as financial aspect. Building shelters and roofs for the homeless, providing adequate job opportunities that at least pay minimum wage to the employees and assisting the farmers toiling in their fields along with mental support is a segment of what we do. We run charities that prove to be a ray of hope and happiness to the people in need. We choose to aid them because Punjab is a state that is close to our heart and one of the most underprivileged states in India where help and support is not accessible to all.

The last two decades have seen an enormous gap between the rich and poor where the poor are being crushed and downtrodden with forced acceptance of failure in life due to lack of access to quality holistic education, proper healthcare and medical facilities and livelihood opportunities. We aim to watch a wide smile on each and every face while visitors travel and visit Punjab and label it to be one of the happiest and content states they have been to.

Upliftment and empowerment of women which had taken a backseat during all these years is also one of our main aims to conquer. We are also working to teach and encourage women to work, earn and support themselves, to be independent, to be aware and conscious about their rights and avoid being violated and in no way, let the patriarchal society enervate them. Giving birth and a hope of encouragement to the locales, we also indulge in exporting traditional Phulkari and Pashmina cloth that is a means of earning for majority of Punjabi women.

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